Channel M&A: 2022 outlook

Sector consolidation shows no sign of abating with transactions and valuations remaining high – and a new trend could be emerging among trade buyers, writes Knight Corporate Finance Director Paul Billingham.

Strategies for staff wellness

Among the channel’s CEOs leading the charge on employee wellbeing is Six Degrees chief exec Simon Crawley-Trice who seeks every way possible to ensure the wellness of his people.

The agent’s champion

Great customer experiences start with the right blend of technology and human interaction, according to Cirrus CEO Jason Roos who describes himself as a contact centre ‘nerd’ and dedicated ‘champion’ of agents.

EPOS rises in video tech

Leading edge audio and video together will make the critical difference in today’s hybrid working environment, according to EPOS Sales Director Jane Craven who puts the company’s new video credentials on the record.

Living your best life

It’s wrong to limit anyone’s right to choose how and where they work, according to Highgate IT Solutions Sales Director Bob Sahota, who calls for the widespread adoption of a more generous work-life balance.

Anatomy of modern leadership

Here, Mitel VP International Richard Roberts takes a retrospective, current and prospective view of business leadership in times of revolutionary change.

Mdee emerges as serious force

According to Mdee Distribution Managing Director Tanny Jeffrey the company has surged into contention as a ‘distributor of choice’ for the full range of channel partners.

My lockdown lessons

The trauma of Covid-19 required business leaders to react quickly and in many ways the pandemic has shaped executives into the leaders they are today.

Legalities of hybrid working

Paul Kelly, Head of Employment Law at Blacks Solicitors, discusses employment law as it currently relates to staff wellbeing and the evolving hybrid workplace.

Gamma rises in mobile

Developing a B2B mobile proposition has long been high on Gamma’s agenda. Here, Rob Kittler, Head of the Connectivity Practice, offers insights into how the channel service provider finalised its strategy.

Evolving leadership approaches

Agilitas CEO Shaun Lynn discusses the post-Covid issues that he believes are becoming increasingly important for business leaders to navigate.

Intelligent approaches to mobile

Evidence that intelligent mobile connectivity has come of age is everywhere to be seen, according to Pangea Managing Director Dan Cunliffe.

A sector in need of maturity

Strategic gaps, unwanted legalities and near total fragmentation highlight the immature nature of a full fibre sector that nevertheless asserts supremacy over legacy networks and resides at the centre of a comms revolution.

Voiceflex launches UC-first solution

A link up between Swedish comms provider Telavox and SIP carrier Voiceflex marks a significant ramping up of the UK service provider's play in the hosted space.

Eclipse takes starring role

Cross-sector collaboration will increase the comms sector’s true value within a channel-first and full fibre context and reap significant benefits for partners, according to Eclipse Wholesale Managing Director James Drake.

Colt’s inclusive mission

Colt CEO Keri Gilder on her ability to move culture change mountains, which was recognised by her recent appointment as Global President of the Global Telecom Women’s Network.

Harling's top priorities

CAE Technology Services CEO Justin Harling on harnessing disruption, the evolution of leadership, the power of automation and where he finds inspiration.

News Interview: Fenby raises UC&C stakes with Nimans deal

Midwich’s February acquisition of Nimans for £27.5 million beefs up its presence in the UK UC&C market at a stroke and provides a platform for a raft of synergistic opportunities, according to Midwich Group MD Stephen Fenby.

Gamma hits mobile accelerator

Comms Dealer caught up with Rob Kittler, Head of Connectivity Practice at Gamma, during the London leg of the network provider’s UC and Mobile update roadshow.