• Cutting back on marketing could seriously damage your brand

    When times are good you should advertise When times are bad you must advertise”. This month’s Kaleidoscope shares 5 tips on making the most of your marketing budget in the current climate with advice from our panel of channel marketing experts.

  • Polish up remote selling strategies or customers will switch off

    In our largest ever ‘Kaleidoscope’ feature, running in Comms Dealer this month, Gary May kicks off the feature with his top tips for successfully demonstrating and using remote selling tools. Our panel of channel experts then weigh in with their experiences and recommendations for success using these tools. Click here for the full 3 page feature.

  • Where do the big opportunities lie post the lockdown?

    Unsurprisingly, Covid-19 and the UK lockdown has put many channel sales teams in a spin. For many channel businesses there was an upward spike in March as customers battled to get staff online and working effectively from home. This initial demand has tailed off, but with a measured return to normality gaining momentum, another rise in demand for interconnected communications is now predicted.

  • Has the office had its day in the new business normal?

    For this month’s Kaleidoscope, we asked channel players a simple question: “Do you think the traditional office has had its day? Predictably, the responses were mixed because, like so many issues surrounding this pandemic, who really knows what the future holds?”.

  • Could homeworking become the new normal for business?

    Whatever the Government decides in the next month or so, the COVID-19 pandemic will prevent the ICT channel from doing business conventionally for the foreseeable future. The lockdown may be eased slightly, but social distancing measures will remain in place, so travelling for meetings, or simply commuting to the office, may be off the agenda for some time to come.

  • Industry organisations seamlessly switch to home working

    In the new, scary world we now live in; people have become totally reliant on the UK’s hardworking comms and IT providers who are keeping our hospitals, emergency services, food stores, logistics, government, civil services and utilities functioning, not to mention enabling millions of people to work safely from home.

  • Can you really make money out of IOT?

    As a potential revenue generator for the channel, the Internet of Things has been regarded with a large dose of scepticism on many levels but with 5G set to underpin implementations, it’s now hitting the mainstream and it is predicted that by 2020 there will be 28 billion connected units globally and the market for IoT solutions will top £5.6 trillion.

  • Accelerated fibre roll-out will boost channel business

    There can be no doubt that economic and political pressure is paying off and the full fibre roll out is accelerating, but over time what will it mean to resellers and their channel customers? Our Kaleidoscope contributors this month broadly agree that it will be a much needed shot in the arm for channel business.

  • Plenty of optimism and big ideas for the roaring twenties

    In this month’s Kaleidoscope feature we look at the five most disruptive technologies we feel will have the biggest impact on the ICT channel in 2020. We then open the debate to this month’s panel of industry experts for their views on the year ahead.  

  • Labours plan to threaten the industry we have built

    In its long history, Comms Dealer has never taken a stance on a political issue, but we felt we had to declare a position on Labour’s policy to provide free broadband and nationalise Openreach. This is an existential threat to our amazing industry, thousands of livelihoods and will inevitably lead to an investment vacuum across the ICT sector.