• Happy People drive success in the fast-paced channel

    ‘Being ‘happily employed’ is the new objective for people in work and there is no doubt that an intelligently built culture is key to an organisation’s long term success’. In this month’s Kaleidoscope, we look at how Channel organisations have modernised their workplaces, improved workforce interaction and made efforts to keep staff feeling valued and respected.

  • Good assessment of sales processes will deliver ROI

    Do you review your sales processes regularly? Are you training sales teams differently today? Do you train in house or use an external agency and what attributes do the best ICT sales people have?

  • 5G: A major threat or amazing business opportunity

    Is 5g a worrying threat or a massive opportunity for the channel? Will customers ditch traditional hard-wired telecoms in favour of smart phones which offer an array of collaboration tools and apps and drive work-anywhere policies? Will the desktop phone be confined to a museum in a matter of years?

  • Leasing: Is it still an option in a cloudier landscape?

    In the July issue of Comms Dealer, our Kaleidoscope feature (a collection of viewpoints from across the industry on a given subject) asks whether there’s still a place for leasing plans in the comms industry when so many systems are now hosted and delivered and paid for on a monthly basis anyway.