Editorial Features list

Comms Dealer's features are a trusted source of industry information written with the authority, professionalism and independence of our journalists and editorial staff. All features are guaranteed to create awareness, hold attention and impart valuable and detailed comment, analysis and guidance to our community of voice and data resellers.

The Comms Dealer 2020 core Feature Schedule is designed to explore key growth areas and market segments based on the following criteria:

  • Market size and growth rate
  • Market trends, drivers and structure
  • The channel/reseller opportunity
  • Factors for success and strategies for growth
  • Market viewpoints and observations, tips and advice


  • 2025 opportunities and pitfalls: How to prepare for the next comms sector frontier
  • Competition for people with digital capabilities is fierce: How can the channel skill up for the all-IP era?


  • The future of mobile in Digital Britain
  • Practical steps (and technologies) that will protect your margins


  • What forces are shaping the future workplace?
  • Quantifying the 5G opportunity


  • Measuring growth opportunities in UCaaS and collaboration
  • Why you should embrace the IoT


  • 5G: What you can do to prepare
  • How will network architecture evolution impact the channel and customers


  • M&A: How to create the most value from deals
  • Robots on the rise: What does AI really mean for the comms channel?


  • The benefits of shifting to hosted comms
  • Why you need to think about managed services now


  • Tapping into new infrastructure driven service economies
  • Reimagining the contact centre, focused on AI and Machine Learning


  • How Full Fibre can revolutionise your business, and the country
  • The benefits of creating a more diverse organisation


  • Clean ICT: Strategies that will make you greener
  • Emerging trends in billing software


  • Why you need to build disruptive thinking into your leadership team
  • Navigating Smart City opportunities


  • How energy can power up your profits
  • Why SD WANs are a step-change for network deployment

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