Editorial Features list

Comms Dealer's features are a trusted source of industry information written with the authority, professionalism and independence of our journalists and editorial staff. All features are guaranteed to create awareness, hold attention and impart valuable and detailed comment, analysis and guidance to our community of voice and data resellers.

The Comms Dealer 2019 core Feature Schedule is designed to explore key growth areas and market segments based on the following criteria:

  • Market size and growth rate
  • Market trends, drivers and structure
  • The channel/reseller opportunity
  • Factors for success and strategies for growth
  • Market viewpoints and observations, tips and advice

Editorial Streams 2019

  • Business Model and Channel Change Stream
  • Billing Systems Stream
  • Contact Centre Stream
  • Digital Britain Stream
  • Mobile Stream
  • Security Stream
  • Tech-Driven Workplace Transformation Stream
  • Vertical Markets Stream
  • Voice and UC Stream
  • Wireless Connectivity Stream
  • Business Growth Clinic (acquisition and investment advice)


  • Digital Britain Stream: Opportunities in full fibre
  • Contact Centre Stream: The growing role of intelligent technologies (AI and augmented reality tools) 
  • Business Growth Clinic:  Top three investment/M&A trends this year and where are investments being made


  • Mobile Stream: Assessing the impact of 5G 
  • Voice and UC Stream: Selling hosted comms
  • Security Stream: Unlocking revenue potential in Voice Security
  • Business Growth Clinic: Making the right financing decision: Your options and key considerations


  • Vertical Markets Stream: Education sector technology
  • Business Model and Channel Change Stream: The changing shape of the UK comms/ICT channel
  • Billing Systems Stream: The evolving role of billing providers
  • Business Growth Clinic: Want to make your first acquisition? Initial steps and how to identity key targets


  • Tech-Driven Workplace Transformation Stream: Technologies that shape how we work 
  • Vertical Markets Stream: Retail sector technology
  • Digital Britain Stream: Opportunities in rural broadband
  • Business Growth Clinic: Need growth funding? How to meet investors' pre-deal conditions


  • Mobile Stream: Reasons to become a MVNO
  • Contact Centre Stream: Opportunities in interaction management and reporting
  • Vertical Market Stream: Health sector technology
  • Business Growth Clinic: Strong returns: How to deliver the expected return on the investment


  • Wireless Connectivity Stream: Wireless comms market overview
  • Security Stream: Opportunities in Network Security
  • Tech-Driven Workplace Transformation Stream: How to devise a full workplace strategy
  • Business Growth Clinic: Want to attract Private Equity? Investment criteria explained


  • Digital Britain Stream: Copper switch-off issues, challenges and opportunities
  • Voice and UC Stream: Selling UC-as-a-Service
  • Billing Systems Stream: The role of billing in regulation and compliance
  • Business Growth Clinic: Expanding your business: How to keep the growth plan on track


  • Contact Centre Stream: The rise of omni-channel and reducing friction in the customer experience/journey
  • Business Model and Channel Change Stream: How to build a managed services business
  • Business Growth Clinic: Legal matters: Comms sector-specific considerations when buying or selling a business


  • Mobile Stream: Regulation and compliance in mobile service provision
  • Vertical Markets Stream: Finance sector technology
  • Wireless Connectivity Stream: Opportunities in IoT
  • Business Growth Clinic: The next wave of consolidation: How is technology driving transactions 


  • Digital Britain Stream: Opportunities in Smart Cities
  • Security Stream: Selling Security as a Service
  • Tech-Driven Workplace Transformation Stream: The rise of the freelancer and lone worker solutions
  • Business Growth Clinic: Get it right: The biggest investment/M&A mistakes and how to avoid them


  • Voice and UC Stream: Opportunities in collaboration technologies
  • Vertical Market Stream: Hospitality sector technology
  • Billing Systems Stream: The future of billing explored
  • Business Growth Clinic: Making an exit: What to look for in a M&A consultant when making the Big Deal


  • Wireless Connectivity Stream: Opportunities in Intelligent Wi-Fi
  • Business Model and Channel Change Stream: How to build a recurring revenue model business
  • Business Growth Clinic: Get the most from your money: Tips on wealth planning and management

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