UCaaS potential unleashed by lockdown crisis

UCaaS has been the subject of much runaway industry hype in the past, but now we can justifiably leverage the heightened narratives of an unprecedented opportunity.

A man who fuses foresight and strategy

Probably the first comms company to lock down is also out of the blocks ahead of the pack as Charterhouse Voice & Data CEO Mark Brooks-Wadham kicks off an acquisition campaign that will accelerate the business towards £100 million.

Apalo UCaaS solution leaves launch pad

Apalo’s Business Development Director Philippe Matos is promising to elevate the current state of UCaaS solutions in the UK with a new platform developed for the channel and launched by the ambitious firm this month.

Gilder brings new energy

That ‘energy’ features prominently in Keri Gilder’s modus operandi is not only evident in her approach to learning, leadership, diversity and advancing growth strategies, but also in her music collection where Metallica reigns.

5G: Your ticket to a new world of comms

5G will become the entry ticket to a new world of technology and applications, unleashing industries from the relative limitations of traditional infrastructure.

Mills: Migrations hot up

The diverse nature of customer projects sometimes makes them technologically challenging, difficult to win and hard to control. Enter Support to Win CEO Julie Mills...

NEC eyes cloud top spot

NEC’s heritage and standing in the comms sector makes it something of an industry hero, and its big ambitions in the global cloud market are just as notable, according to Sales Director Andrew Cooper.

TinCan shows true mettle

Having thrived in a highly paid job, TinCan Comms Managing Director Amy Mitchell’s decision to strike out on her own shows the depth of her ambition.

Reasons to plan for 5G now

5G alone will not drive the next tech revolution. So which other technologies will combine with 5G to maximise opportunities for the channel. We asked Dr Arslan Usman, System Architect at Pangea.

Woodham’s giant leaps

Chrome Telecom Managing Director Daniel Woodham has proved over and again that he is not averse to taking giant leaps into the unknown.

Leading out of a crisis

The application of true leadership principles should apply now more than ever, according to Zen CEO Paul Stobart.

Virus brings strategic clarity

While there is still uncertainty about Covid-19 and its impact, there is now perhaps greater clarity than ever on future developments in the channel, according to Eurolink Connect Managing Director Claire Maddox.

Driving value creation in disruptive times

In what has been an unprecedented year, Comms Vision 2020 (11th-13th November, Gleneagles Hotel) will explore your potential to create customer value, loyalty and sustainability in times of unparalleled market disruption and change.

Marketing key in lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic offers every reason to focus harder on your marketing strategy, according to our panel of channel experts...

How new Covid-19 realities impact ICT sector M&A

Economic disruption and business growth challenges are among the Covid-19 comms industry headlines, and a primary area of interest is the pandemic’s effect on the ICT sector’s M&A market.

Charting Covid-19 recovery

From the start of the coronavirus outbreak the focus of attention has been on the shift to home working – now, thoughts turn to how we can cope with a return to partial normality, writes Philip Carse, Analyst at Megabuyte.com.

Sector shows resilience

That there is a disconnect between the pre-pandemic M&A sector on the one hand and the Covid-19 economy on the other is no surprise. Just as obvious, says FPE Capital Managing Partner David Barbour, is the positive outlook.

Business leader turns figurehead

As we laud the efforts of channel partners in home-work enabling swathes of UK employees, we must also get to grips with emerging technologies such as 5G and the IoT, says Kathy Quashie, Head of Partnerships and Alliances, Vodafone UK.

Gibbs goes for growth

MyPhones Sales Director Paul Gibbs’ strategic language is as clear and concise as his objectives, and he leaves us in no doubt about the extent of his channel expansion ambitions.

RingCentral drives expansion

RingCentral has turned a three-year-old European expansion bid into a push towards regional dominance, according to Sahil Rekhi, VP and Managing Director EMEA.