Bunching up with Google

Fuelled by a fresh investment boost CTS Managing Director Chris Bunch is set to build on the MSP’s status as the largest dedicated Google partner in Europe.

McIntyre talks digital

One year after Midwich acquired Nimans to bolster its presence in the UC market we caught up with Nimans Marketing Director Steve McIntyre to shine a light on the distributor’s accelerating strategy as a digital solutions provider.

From start-up to key player

Entrepreneurship has long been the bedrock of the channel community but few start-ups flourish like the enterprise of Xelion UK Managing Director Dave Reynolds.

Mansell drives CPaaS

Newly appointed TelcoSwitch CEO Matt Mansell aims to leverage his software know-how and position the channel business at the vanguard of the burgeoning Comms Platform as a Service market.

Rishbeth: 'At last a plan'

The postponement of Openreach’s trials speak of an industry very much finding its feet in the run up to 2025. Here, Focus Group CTO Vicki Rishbeth addresses the key questions facing many comms providers.  

Beating 2025 inertia

The PSTN shut down in 2025 is a critical watershed moment for the industry but right off the bat we have a delay to the pilot switch offs in Salisbury and Mildenhall due to inertia among some CPs and end users.

Openreach flexes 2025 muscle

The delayed Salisbury and Mildenhall PSTN shut downs planned for April were pivotal, but with strong measures now in place to ensure the new October deadline is met, two key questions have emerged:

Funding opportunity emerges

B2B APM (Alternative Payment Methods) Director Dan Proctor discusses a new subscription funding model that enables channel organisations to underpin cash flow and move further and faster on their growth ambitions.

A catalyst for change

In this strategy update ITS CEO Daren Baythorpe displays a clear intention to turn full fibre industry transformation into a catalyst for positive change among channel partners.

A balanced agenda

Responding to the market forces that will shape the future of billing, Tekton MD Harry McKeever has struck a balance between taking actions to drive innovation while moving the needle on today’s opportunities and challenges.

Put second use first

Manufacturers must shift gear to realise sustainability potential, according to ETB Technologies Managing Director Nick Stapleton.

Stobart’s green mission

Zen CEO Paul Stobart is tackling the Scope 3 carbon emission challenge head-on and has taken decisive and proactive action on rallying the industry to urgently get to grips with the supply chain decarbonisation agenda.

Billing charges forward

PRD Technologies exemplifies a sector that has stepped up the pace to generate new opportunities for resellers and address a range of strategic and evolving requirements.

High optimism prevails

It is unclear how the UK’s economy will affect channel businesses, but according to Jola CEO Andrew Dickinson there is little to inhibit the firm’s ability to achieve its goals over the next 12 months.

Taking on the Goliaths

Creative ITC Group MD Keith Ali aims to build a £400m revenue business within five years and has rallied VARS and MSPs to take on the hyperscalers and unlock significant private cloud value through strategic partnerships.

Next moves in billing

Billing providers face an opportunity to lead with purpose, catalyse innovation and scale up the channel’s capacity to provide critical services across diverse and evolving markets, says Inform Billing MD Shaun Bodsworth.

Strang’s top priorities

Commsworld Chief Operating Officer Bruce Strang discusses the driving forces and competing priorities shaping the Edinburgh headquartered network provider’s strategic outlook and growth planning.

New Elite CEO on strategy

Following the step-down of Elite Group CEO Rob Sims incoming Chief Exec Adam Turton continues to take the right critical actions across the full range of leadership priorities.

Defining billing success

The channel’s billing providers continue to rise to the challenge of meeting current and emerging opportunities while keeping pace with the demands of the market.

Learning from Xperience

A strategy shift sees Xperience sharpen its market leadership ambitions following investment from Bowmark to fund organic and acquisitive expansion. Here, Chief Executive Iain O’Kane provides a strategic update.