Betts adds zest to Vizst

The Techneds-backed three-way merger of ITSB, Quad Vision and Data Integration (a division of B2B technology provider DXC Technology) in late 2021 created a single entity operating under the brand headed up by CEO Richard Betts.

Here, he provides a business update and shares insights into his growth strategy.

When Vizst Technology began its commercial life Techneds execs Simon Mewett and Iain McKenzie joined the business as Non-Executive Director and Chairman respectively. Both are founders of the PE firm. “Myself and Iain identified the opportunity to create a new cloud technology provider that drew on the strengths of three existing businesses,” commented Betts. “Each company brings its own value, multiple skillsets and multi-sector experience.”

Vizst Technology has 45 employees, was certified as a Great Place to Work in November, operates out of offices in Poole, London and Newbury and reported £10.1 million revenue for its latest financial year. “We’re aiming for year-on-year organic growth,” added Betts, who has earned acclaim in the B2B software and tech sector for his talent in converting businesses into profit-yielding entities.

According to Betts, one key to success resides in the company’s focus on its employees and recruitment strategies. “A business is only as good as the employees we have in place,” he stated. “Over the last year we’ve not only grown our internal skill set through progression plans and training, but we’ve introduced new roles to the business which will be vital to our continued success.”

We’re not interested in the shiny new toy. Instead, we focus on what is going to solve a problem for customers

Betts stresses that his primary focus is to ensure a nurturing environment for all employees, regardless of their roles. “We have added value across the board, from senior sales to our technical teams and HR, aligning everyone with our business strategy and instilling in them a clear understanding of their individual contributions to the company’s growth,” he added.

Key differentiator
Betts also noted that a strong differentiation point is Vizst Technology’s broad range of services providing multiple benefits to different organisations. As well as targeting new business, Betts has doubled down on ‘looking at the white space’ in his customer base and cross-selling an extended service offering. “A focus for us continues to be the cross-sell of our services while strengthening relationships with customers,” he added. “We have a good opportunity to show those clients what else we can do by offering expertise under one umbrella with no need to outsource different suppliers. We ensure we are top of our game for key vendors and equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver value.”

Despite Vizst’s growth, Betts is not one to rest on his laurels. He is always exploring new avenues and strategies to enhance Vizst’s offerings, especially in the realm of cyber security. “As an IT and cyber security MSP we are constantly reviewing how we can increase our capabilities in this space,” he explained. “We’re not interested in the shiny new toy, instead, we focus on what is going to solve a problem for our customers and deliver the best results. Our latest 7-stage initiative brings to life every element of the cyber security landscape that customers should be considering, and provides supporting assets and resources to demonstrate the value of these for their ecosystem.”

Betts noted that he intends to bolster Vizst’s cyber security capabilities having integrated SOC services. “Our SOC services will ensure we deliver the right level of security support to all of our customers,” he added.

Reflecting on the MSP market, Betts offers the following advice to firms seeking long-term growth. “The MSP space is crowded with a lot of businesses stating similar messages,” he said. “It’s very easy to talk the talk but following through is where you will really differentiate yourself as an MSP.”

According to Betts, and in a nutshell, the value provided by Vizst Technology lies in strategic thinking, creative development and seamless rollouts. “By becoming an extension of our customers’ IT teams we’re integrated into the decision making process from the beginning,” he added. “We work with them to solve their problems in a cost-effective and pain-free way.”

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