AI revolution advances

The key message about the rise of AI is that its lead role in the contact centre space is inevitable and truly revolutionary, according to Avaya’s Solutions Marketing Director Natalie Keightley.

TTG’s big master plan

With one acquisition under its belt and a five year growth plan set in stone, The Technology Group has added a strong emphasis to its short and long-term ambitions, says MD Jonathan Marsden.

The only way is Leeds

Ask Lily Managing Director Chris Morrisey how to catalyse growth and lift your business and he would say relocate to Leeds. Here's why...

Dawson’s next moves

As Wavenet CEO Bill Dawson considers bigger acquisitions his growth ambitions become clearer than ever.

Innovations in billing

Billing providers that lack agility will fail the test of the market, according to Union Street Technologies Head of Sales & Marketing Vincent Disneur.

Chained by legacy systems

Against progress in the billing sector stands the obstacle of legacy technology to which an intransigent and substantial section of the industry is wedded, claims Strategic Imperatives Head of Business Development Tim Sayer.

Nimans sticks to Plan A

The only way for Nimans following the death of its founder in January is expansion and growth, explains Director of Channel Sales Richard Carter.

A role model for women in IT

Daisy's Head of Group Architecture Lyndsey Charlton has emphatically broken the comms industry's male dominated mould, and ambitious women seeking a role model in IT need look no further.

Node4 boxes clever

Cries of potential channel conflict have long hounded comms suppliers with both direct and reseller sales strategies, but Node4 has turned perception on its head with a well modelled Seminar in a Box programme.

Why future recruitment will be all about data

OK, I’ve got to say GDPR, but I’m not here to sell expensive consultancy to bring back all those dreadful memories of BS5750 and Y2K, writes Clive Jefferys of telecoms recruiter JMA Network.

Gamma CEO Bob Falconer poised to step down

Gamma CEO Bob Falconer is stepping down following a stellar career in which his achievements are universally accepted as beyond admiral and equal only to his passion for the channel and dedication to partners.  

Why it’s time to make gender diversity a top priority

The proportion of male to female leaders in the comms sector screams of an alarming gender imbalance that can only impede the industry's progress and prospects, according to a frank debate on the issue last month (hosted by 9 Group in association with Comms Dealer) that aimed to reset the gender diversity agenda.