Business Interview

  • AI revolution advances

    The key message about the rise of AI is that its lead role in the contact centre space is inevitable and truly revolution
  • TTG’s big master plan

    With one acquisition under its belt and a five year growth plan set in stone, The Technology Group has added a strong empha
  • KCOM’s new era: An age of rejuvenation

    Following strategic investment in a refreshed channel proposition resurgent KCOM is giving partners the flexibilit
  • Openreach thrives on independent stage

    No sooner was Openreach structurally separated from BT Group than a move arose to galvanise and reinforce its independence spearheaded by leaders with real power, including Katie Milligan, Managing Director, Customer, Commercial and Propositions.  
  • Norton displays true potential at scale

    Not helping customers to ditch ISDN is tantamount to propping up a doomed technology, argues Channel Telecom Managing Director Clifford Norton whose ISDN Scrappage campaign has the potential to deliver a new age of ubiquitous Ethernet connectivity sooner rather than later.
  • ANS Group makes smart Webantic move

    In acquiring Webantic, ANS Group has taken the fast track to giving customers what they really want in the public cloud, according to CEO Paul Shannon.
  • Redsquid's Tow sets down path to four-fold growth

    Advisor to the Board of Redsquid Communications, Andy Tow, aims to realise £25 million turnover within three years, and it's a prize he is certain to lay his hands on. Here's how...
  • Adrian Thirkill and the rise of GCI People Cloud

    Adrian Thirkill's GCI Vision conference performance last month was indicative of the motivated, energetic culture he has fostered since joining the company in December 2015 as CEO.
  • How Whitty remoulded Solar

    Solar Comms CEO John Whitty discusses his great transformation challenge and opportunity, an exciting step change year, and a potential company 'game changer'.
  • 8x8 cloud pioneer displays sheer strategic vision in blazing the innovation trail

    Any study of 8x8's evolution will reach two key conclusions. One is that its innovations opened the floodgates to patents that galvanise the company's status as a true digital pioneer. The other is that its Chairman and CTO Bryan Martin has a personal quest for world domination that cannot be suppressed.


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