Health Sector

  • Oak Innovation launches ContactAssist

    Oak Innovation has launched ContactAssist, a new platform that integrates customer relationship management with telephony. 
  • Transformational times

    Matching technology to health sector challenges is now a top priority for ICT buyers and it’s changing everything, accordin
  • Health sector perks up

    The health sector has long faced many challenges but in grasping a technology lifeline the prognosis is positive, says Con
  • On call for TeleDOC

    A new WebRTC app that enables doctors and medics to conduct click-through video consultations with patients will ease
  • Health sector opportunities

    After so many changes to the health service its reform has almost become a ruling obsession, but one constant remains
  • No shortage of technology test beds in health sector

    No section of the public sector has undergone failed reforms more than healthcare, consuming huge resources but still su
  • Vapour Cloud rolls out GP booking solution 

    A secure, automated appointment booking service developed by Vapour Cloud for the NHS has been integrated with EMIS Web, the clinical system for GPs.
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