Time for a cloud jolt: By Iain Sinnott, Sales & Marketing Director, VanillaIP

UK cloud communications resellers need to understand that now is the time for a compelling event which drives the core UK SME business community away from the traditional dial-tone based world of PBX and into the new world of UC. Why now? Because if they wait much longer it will be the technology giants like Microsoft, Cisco, Facebook and Google that pocket the rewards for this inevitable transition.

PSTN switch-off, the public’s demand for a move from voice to omni-channel contact options, and the increasing commercial benefits of automation over manpower investment are the nearest things resellers are going to get to compelling events. Before they lose their relationship advantage, they need to pick a weapon and inspire their bases and their prospects to move – and move now. Once they are the cloud provider and once they have blended the best services from different suppliers together, they can relax in the knowledge the customer is harder to steal. However, in this fast-paced technology market, they should avoid relaxing for too long!

 Resellers who still have their income based in traditional PBX have the most to lose if it is the global players who bring the conversion proposition to the forefront, as they will not even be involved in the battle. They will be considered a much-loved supplier of the past but out of touch with this fast-moving cloud-based market – and although this is a fight not a lottery, you do have to be in it to win it.

It is up to the reseller community, supported by the independent service providers, to grasp the market, give it a shake and deliver the tangible productivity and commercial benefits the cloud communications world can deliver. Only then will resellers earn the profits they really deserve.


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