• Openreach reveals tranche 15 of stop sell exchanges

    Openreach revealed the 46 new exchange locations where it will stop selling legacy analogue services to encourage the adoption of new digital services over a full fibre connection.
  • Openreach announces SOTAP launch date

    Openreach is planning for the commercial launch of its Single Order Transitional Access Product (SOTAP) on December 1st.
  • Giacom campaign spotlights stop sell support

    Giacom’s latest campaign showcases the proposition Microsoft Teams Phone offers to businesses with Openreach’s Stop Sell in September 2023 and the impending 2025 Switch Off.
  • PSTN movers report flexibility benefits

    For businesses that have switched to digital connectivity, 54% report improved workplace flexibility, 49% report improve efficiency and 42% report enhanced technical capabilities, finds M247.
  • BT’s brings Digital Voice rollout to Northern Ireland

    BT will begin rolling out its digital landline service, Digital Voice, in Northern Ireland with a series of supporting community engagement events planned for September.
  • It’s the end of the line, Jones tells BT Wholesale partners

    During BT Wholesale's Partner Plus event, Gavin Jones, Head of Wholesale Channel, delivered a clear message: the time has come for resellers and their customers to embrace change. With only two months left for the stop sell and 29 months until the shutdown of BT's PSTN servers, Jones states: “it’s the end of the line, change is here.”
  • BT begins Digital Voice rollout across East Midlands

    After sharing a regional rollout plan for its new home phone service, Digital Voice, BT has begun switching customers in the East Midlands.
  • Openreach reveals Tranche 12 of stop sell

    Openreach has named 119 new exchange locations across the UK where it will stop selling legacy analogue services to encourage the adoption of new digital services.
  • More education needed on switch off, says Comms Council UK

    Comms Council UK is calling for a centralised public awareness campaign on the PSTN switch off, finding that the publicly available information is insufficient.
  • Nearly half of SMBs still unaware of Switch Off

    Around 42% of SMB businesses still are not aware of the impending PSTN switch off, leaving room for resellers to educate their customers.


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