PSTN movers report flexibility benefits

For businesses that have switched to digital connectivity, 54% report improved workplace flexibility, 49% report improve efficiency and 42% report enhanced technical capabilities, finds M247.

A survey of 500 UK-based IT decision makers found that only 18% of UK businesses have moved from PSTN and upgraded their connectivity to internet-based services.

Those who haven’t yet move are optimistic about the PSTN switch off however, 37% viewing it as an opportunity to modernise their IT & telecoms, and 35% believing it presents a good opportunity to assess their current digital transformation strategy.

Liz Hawke, product manager UC&C at M247 said: “Making the move to a new IP network, such as VoIP and SIP, can act as a great springboard for digital transformation, dramatically improving workplace flexibility and efficiency, particularly in today’s hybrid-working era.”

The report also find that more education is needed as 54% of those surveyed do not believe that Openreach has publicised the switch off adequately and of the businesses who have switched, only 31% were motivated to do so due to the switch off itself.

Hawke adds: “We’re hoping to bring some well-needed awareness to this and highlight the urgency and importance of adopting robust, reliable internet-based connectivity services ahead of the PSTN switch off.”

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