Leadership and Strategy

  • A purposeful advantage

    Reimagining business performance beyond profit for a strategic and moral advantage is key to future success, according t
  • Tang’s ultimate mission

    All business leaders should not hesitate to campaign in favour of, and subscribe to, the organisational values advanced b
  • Driving disruptive thinking

    Ultimately, any resistance to establishing a policy of organisation-wide disruptive thinking could pose a risk to th
  • The right balance

    Many customers value stability and consistency, so you should not be disruptive for its own sake, argues Andy Wilson, Hea
  • Fresh thinking pays off

    There are strong arguments in favour of underpinning key elements of a long-term business plan with disruptive approac
  • Horton set for growth phase

    FluidOne CEO Russell Horton had a clear vision for growth when he took the job in 2018.
  • Building powerful service strategies

    Produced in association with Zen: This research exposes a high degree of operational and service level stasis in the comms channel. What are the root causes? And how can they be overcome?
  • Fishwick on his page-turner

    Sometime in the future if a young relative of Ian Fishwick asks him what he did in the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown he’ll simply
  • Bring on HR visionaries

    From technology, the environment to demographic trends, winds of change are transforming the concept of workforce agendas
  • Ten years and counting

    An impressive head of steam has built up in Inform Billing’s growth engine, marking its tenth anniversary with an affirma


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