Enterprise IT demand set to boom, finds ETB

More than three-quarters of MSPs (80%) have increased their IT budget, reporting that demand for enterprise IT equipment has increased across the board, according to ETB Technologies.

Of this 80%, 67% have doubled their budget size with the remaining respondents (27%) saying they had increased their budget by as much as 60-70%.

As more businesses take data management back in-house, (62%) MSPs having already considered or began the process of declouding.

ETB’s research also reveals that almost a third (30%) of respondents said they currently buy refurbished equipment with 84% saying they had bought refurbished tech at some point in the past.

Nick Stapleton, MD at ETB, said: “There’s several reasons why spending is on the up. Growing industry costs, increased security threats, and structural change are just a few examples.

“While the change in budgets is significant, what’s clear from our research is that cost-efficiency, quality and service are key strategic considerations.”

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