Fishwick steps back from AdEPT helm

Ian Fishwick is resigning as Director of AdEPT Technology Group after 20 years, along with the rest of the board.

He founded AdEPT in 2003 and led its floatation onto the London Stock Exchange in 2006. Under his leadership, the company completed 42 acquisitions.

AdEPT was acquired by Wavenet in a watershed £50 million deal in February, creating an enlarged group with pro forma annual revenues of over £200 million. The positions vacated on the AdEPT board will be filled by Wavenet nominees.

Fishwick writes: “It is the end of an era and a quite remarkable journey. It started with me in a spare bedroom and it ended with a £100 million transaction.

“At the start, a dozen ‘family and friends’ co-invested to create AdEPT. Many of them are still here 20 years later.

“I hope our story provides inspiration for another generation of entrepreneurs. “It seems too final to say ‘goodbye’. Instead I will simply say ‘until we meet again’.”

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