Channel Programmes

  • Entanet launches City Champion programme

    Full fibre infrastructure provider CityFibre has launched the City Champion programme through its wholesale business Entanet.  
  • Gamma shifts onboarding up a gear

    The introduction of Gamma's refreshed onboarding programme a year ago has paid off with 100 new partners recruited since lau
  • Advanced partners deliver £35m in 12 months

    Advanced's partner business has generated £35m revenues just 12 months after the software and services company launched its channel programme. Partners have delivered over 120 new customers.
  • Connectus kicks off channel campaign

    Connectus CEO Roy Shelton (pictured) and CTO Duncan Shaw have embarked on a joint mission to recruit new partners to t
  • Masergy ramps up channel expansion campaign

    Masergy's channel expansion campaign continues at pace as it seeks to work with more than 150 partners by the end of the ye
  • Partners set to cash in with ‘ICUK £1,000 carrot’ 

    A new incentive scheme introduced by wholesaler ICUK gives partners cashback for customers adding new FTTC
  • Gamma signs Blackstar as first to new scheme

    Gamma has augmented its Platinum and Gold channel schemes with a Technical Alliance Programme.
  • HPE galvanises 'elite tech community'

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise has kicked off the global roll out of the HPE Tech Pro Community, touted as an 'elite technical community' for partner solution architects and HPE pre-sales professionals
  • ITS hunts partners across key regions

    Full fibre network provider ITS Technology Group (ITS) is seeking to recruit local partners across its 22 networks spanning key locations in the east midlands, Greater Manchester, London, mid and n
  • Avaya updates Edge partner programme

    Changes to Avaya's Edge partner programme include a newly structured step by step journey from basic value propositions advancing through to solution selling, innovation and digital transformation,


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