Tollring's growth stats confirm primacy of voice

Trends pick out from Tollring's growth stats confirm the continuing primacy of voice and call recording.

During March 2019 Tollring captured nearly 11 million minutes of cloud call recordings at an average 192,000 call recordings per day within its cloud services.
“Voice is still the primary form of communication for customer interactions and call recording remains a hugely important business tool," stated CEO Tony Martino. 

"We have seen growth across all deployment methods and our compliance centre coupled with our international localisation capability has delivered rapid expansion across the globe.”

Total endpoints and licenses across all solutions has now exceeded three million, representing 337% growth in the past year.
The total number of business customers has increased 146% across cloud products and 19% across on-premises deployments from 2018 to 2019, deployed in over 20 countries through a channel network of over 80 CSPs selling through 800-plus resellers.

Tollring's cloud-based iCall Suite has seen growth in call reporting analytics endpoints of 76% in the past year, while cloud call recording endpoints have grown 1,203% as more service providers have opted to add call recording as a bundled user option. 
“Resellers can add value to their propositions by helping customers to extract actionable insights from their communications data, promoting improved interaction with their own customers helping to improve customer experience," added Martino.
The Tollring fraud and credit management solution is particular popular with over 2.5 million end points monitored, capturing over 12,000 fraud attacks in the past year. 

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