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  • Hosted makes inroads into contact centre space

    Experience shows us that hosted could become the default mode of operation for contact centres where cost, scalability, DR and flexibility are prime considerations. Throw integration into the mix and strong arguments in favour of the consumption-based model could be unassailable.
  • Now’s time to uphold the value of choice

    Whether supplying cloud, on-premise PBX or a mixture of both, the future of business communications should be based on a multi-channel approach, providing choice, flexibility and placing full control and value into the hands of customers.
  • Comms sector quarterly update

    Philip Carse, Analyst at, reports on the recent performance of leading companies in the comms space during the last quarter.
  • Industry travels full throttle into 2015

    Even for a sector as dynamic as telecoms this year promises to be a time of major change driven by unprecedented levels of M&A. Meanwhile, the early success of 4G and the ongoing move to cloud environments offers both opportunities and challenges, writes Philip Carse, Analyst at
  • WebRTC tipped as comms industry game-changer

    WebRTC is a transformative technology that puts the application and ease of use centre stage, a development that is redefining UC and collaboration, enabling greater integration between comms platforms and levelling the playing field for new leaders to emerge. Small wonder WebRTC is tipped as the next big industry game-changer.
  • Comms sector quarterly review

    Philip Carse, Analyst at, reports on the recent performance of leading companies in the comms space during the last quarter.
  • New thinking required for cloud security

    Businesses are still stuck on 'old world' thinking when addressing security issues. Cloud is different, it requires a seamless approach to security and risk management that understands and manages the new virtual perimeter, according to Garry Sidaway, Global Director for Security Strategy, NTT Com Security (formerly known as Integralis).
  • CPs eye optical growth

    Openreach has boosted its high bandwidth optical capability with a UK-wide 40Gbps and 100Gbps service capable of delivering ten times more traffic capacity than existing solutions.
  • A tIPicall success story

    tIPicall has mounted a credible challenge to become a main contender in the UK SIP and hosted market according to Sales Director Steve Harrington who has the bit firmly between his teeth. Here, he talks strategy and SIP education.
  • PWAN pipeline goes pop

    Wholesale comms provider Entanet has witnessed a sustained period of demand for Private WANs (PWANs) and the signs are that this trend will continue over the long-term, according to Head of Sales Stephen Barclay.


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