PTG pins revenue uplift hopes on new VR service 

The launch of a Virtual Reality proposition by Pure Technology Group (PTG) is expected to help drive a 30% increase in turnover this financial year.

The new VR service embraces a number of augmented, assisted, mixed and VR technologies based on Toshiba dynaEdge (an Assistive Reality wearable device), hyperVSN (holographic emitter technology) and the firm’s own pureVR HR Induction development.

"dynaEdge acts as an intuitive remote assistance tool," said PTG’s Group Technology Solutions Manager, Simeon Banks. "The Google-Glass-style solution is linked to a Windows 10 wearable computer, integrating with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, and aids collaboration between in-house and remote workers.

"Wearers have full control over the visibility, recording and schematics functions, allowing them to send real-time updates to staff based at the office, and call for remote support via the glass as required."

PTG has installed the solution for a national engineering and services firm where it blends on-the-job training with classroom learning.

PTG Group COO Cliff Fox said: “VR is far bigger than just a gaming concept and has huge potential to enhance all organisations. This disruptive tech has the power to remould and improve the world of work as we know it, offering a revolutionary advantage for the education, training, maintenance, field service and retail sectors particularly.”

Last year PTG generated circa £28m revenue, acquired Keytech Managed Solutions and employed its 100th person.

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