Balancing sustainability with security in TaaS

Cloud specialist Vapour has included a take-back element in its new TaaS offering to ensure that companies can fulfil their sustainability pledges.

The company states that whilst reusing and recycling tech, it can still ensure security for all parties, Head of Transformation and Compliance Carol McGrotty said: “The TaaS contract can include the compliant recovery of redundant equipment with complete audit trail – to uphold customers’ data destruction and environmental responsibilities.

“Working with an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility, we’ll ensure devices can be reused where possible, for maximum sustainability benefits but none of the security worries. And if the equipment is beyond repair, it will be processed for recycling.”

According to CEO Tim Mercer, the company’s TaaS offering goes beyond a lease plan for hardware and software procurement.

He said: “Whether we’re supporting a rapidly growing business with the onboarding of new staff, at pace, or handling a customer’s rip and replace strategy, the key to a value-adding TaaS proposition is flexibility.”

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