VMO2 Business programme tackles digital exclusion

VMO2 Business has launched a programme, ‘Connect More’, to bring free skills training to those most digitally excluded across the county.

Training will be delivered by more than 2,000 company volunteers working with local authorities and the public sector across the UK

The launch comes as VMO2 research highlighted that the UK’s digital skills gap is costing the economy £12.8bn, with 5.4 million Brits unable to carry out simple digital tasks.

Jo Bertram, MD, VMO2 Business, said: “From preventing people booking GP appointments online right through to locking them out of job applications and promotions, the impact of the digital skills gap on society and the economy is staggering: more than a third of people say it’s already held back their earning potential.

“No one sector, public or private, can tackle this inequality alone, but working together, we can pool our strengths and have a bigger, better impact.”

The launch of the national Connect More Programme follows a successful pilot with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA),


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