Boris’ announcement changes nothing, says TruStack

Despite Boris Johnson’s latest announcement signalling the end of the UK’s ‘work from home’ order, Tyne and Wear-based reseller TruStack has no intention of re-filling its offices and predicts that this will be a story repeated across the country.

Commercial Director Phil Cambers said: “Even though Boris Johnson has said we can go back to the office, we are going to continue doing what we are doing, nothing will be changing at all.

Cambers added: “Only yesterday I carried out a survey with a cross-section of our staff and I asked them if they’d rather work in the office, just from home or a mixture of the two, and everyone said they’d prefer a mix.”

TruStack also surveyed its clients and customers, with 75% saying they expected employees to carry out more hybrid working in the future and 100% saying they had a more positive view of hybrid working as a result of Covid-19.

Cambers added: “From our point of view, nothing is broken, so there is nothing to fix!”

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