SMEs forgetting homeworkers in 2025 switch off plans

Two thirds of 400 SMEs surveyed by Spitfire Network Services have not considered how the Openreach Analogue and ISDN switch off will affect their remote working employees.

With already 200 exchanges set to be in the Stop Sell phase by January 2022, businesses are focussing on how the switch off will affect office locations and neglecting to plan for home and remote workers.

Dominic Norton, Sales Director, Spitfire Network Services Ltd, said: “With the pandemic shifting the way businesses operate in terms of remote working, it is quite concerning to see that these workers could be severely disrupted yet businesses don’t actually know how and when.

“Clearly there is a long way to go, so once again our message is really to take action now and avoid disruption further down the line. If you’re a business that will have people remote working long term, this is as important to you as it is to office-based companies.”

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