ICUK leverages ML in carrier notification tool

An automated tool that reads, interprets, understands and alerts relevant parties to known or planned broadband and leased line outages has been introduced by ICUK.

"The tool goes beyond simply reading and providing a feed of data," stated Director Paul Barnett. "It applies machine learning to categorise accuracy levels, aid relevance and importance, identify affected parties regardless of how vague the incident notification may be, and each party receives a relevant feed free from data clutter."

Barnett claims that ICUK's automated notifying solution plugs a data gap as the main carriers tend not to supply API feeds for known faults or planned engineering works.

He also said that the machine learning techniques leveraged by ICUK shift the automated intelligence within its systems to the next level.
"Prior to and during fault journeys visibility of known issues are shared in our portal, ensuring that no time is wasted in providing explanations," he added. 

"We have also created an accompanying API feed that delivers the resource that carriers do not share.

"We know the way data is fed to us from carriers is less than ideal, so we're making the most of what is presented."

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