Workers prefer consumer tools over enterprise

A report by Maintel suggests that consumer tools are becoming much more popular than many enterprise grade platforms, with a surprising number of workers preferring to use Snapchat or Facebook Messenger for work purposes. 

According to the research, 24% say they would like Snapchat to be approved by their employer, 19% Twitter, while 17% say they would like to use Facebook Messenger and FaceTime to communicate with colleagues, customers and partners.

Maintel CTO Rufus Grig stated: “Employers have a good reason for providing effective, safe and sanctioned communication tools at work. They want to maximise efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and travel, ensure compliance and optimise security. 

"But when employees fail to use these tools it’s usually because the experience, compared to consumer platforms, can be poor.

“Businesses should appreciate that blocking certain tools and mandating others is only part of the solution. 

"Organisations must work closely with employees to understand what frustrations they experience with existing tools and select and develop solutions to make these platforms more compelling.”

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