Stone launches e-waste recycling app

The launch of Stone Group's new e-waste recycling app reflects growing demand from organisations for a more sustainable approach to IT hardware purchasing and disposal, according to Director Tim Westbrook.

“This is an area that should not be overlooked and one where fast and widespread change is crucial, as 53.6 million metric tonnes of global e-waste was generated just last year alone,” he said.

Research by Stone indicates a strong appetite for ways to responsibly manage e-waste and tech procurement via 'green' methods - nearly 60% of the businesses questioned purchase refurbished hardware and over 30% use an IT asset disposal service. 

However, one in five respondents said they still send their old IT to landfill and 31% cite the cost of investment in sustainability initiatives as a barrier.

Westbrook noted that the Stone 360 e-waste app is designed to make recycling easier and more cost-effective, enabling businesses to arrange for the collection of their redundant IT equipment, receive rebates and have a tree planted on their behalf. 
"All items are then taken to our dedicated IT asset disposal facility where they are securely recycled or refurbished,” he added.

“Excessive resources or investment aren’t always needed to make effective sustainable change.

"The app is designed to be quick and easy for organisations to use while helping to significantly reduce their carbon footprint."

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