Why it's time to think fibre: By Richard Thompson, Director of Partners, TalkTalk Business

Earlier this month at our Partner Roadshow, I pledged to help all our partners get started on their full fibre journey. Britain has suffered from using legacy copper infrastructure for too long, but the transformation to full fibre has begun and it’s a hugely exciting time for everyone. 

It’s not just our industry that has an appetite for full fibre, the technology has gained coverage in the mainstream media, as well as being high on the government’s agenda. 

In fact, last month TalkTalk’s CEO Tristia Harrison was invited to meet the prime minister at Downing Street. They discussed how we might 'turbo-charge' full fibre investment and Gigabit rollout across the UK. 

TalkTalk plays a central role in this debate and we will ensure that the voices of our channel Partners are also heard. 

TalkTalk Business is in a position to help our partners get it right and rollout FTTP successfully. We already rolled out FTTP to hundreds of happy customers in York, and we’ve been taking live orders from partners since the end of 2019. This is just the beginning of our full fibre rollout plans. 

After a successful launch with a small handful of partners, we’re building the momentum to continue into our next phase, and it won’t be long until we’re looking into developing a business grade FTTP variant. 

Educating your sales team to help inform your customers is crucial. When we turned up in York, most customers thought they already had full fibre. Those with FTTC thought they had full fibre, and those that had cable thought they had full fibre. It required an enormous amount of people on the streets explaining the difference to people, and realise the benefits. 

To ensure our partners are well informed, we’ve created a dedicated FTTP Knowledge hub containing product information to enhance their knowledge of FTTP and the ultrafast portfolio. 

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