DWS seals wholesale deal with CityFibre

A link up between Digital Wholesale Solutions (DWS) and CityFibre gives DWS partners access to full fibre Ethernet products across the infrastructure provider's networks in 27 towns and cities across the UK.
In associated news DWS has launched its Fibre Flex service which guarantees 200Mbps up-and-down and the provision to burst up to 1Gbps without incurring additional charges or having to pre-arrange more bandwidth availability.
“Working with over 2,500 resellers DWS has tremendous channel reach," said Andy Wilson, Head of Wholesale at CityFibre. "Together, we are igniting the growth in Britain’s digital future."
Chief Digital Officer at DWS, Nathan Marke, added: "Working with CityFibre opens doors for our partners, allowing them to branch out to new areas with new products.”

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