IntraLAN elevates King as Sales Director

IntraLAN's Tim King has been promoted to the Sales Director role. 

He was previously Cloud Sales Manager and joined IntraLAN from CoreAzure, the Microsoft integration partner specialising in Azure.

Prior to CoreAzure, King was responsible for steering the sales department of IT service provider HTL Support where he was Sales Director. 

He also spent two years at TIG and Doherty Associates, two managed services providers focusing on cloud and transformational services.
Andy Horn, CEO of IntraLAN, said: “Tim’s far-reaching experience working across multiple technology disciplines makes him an invaluable leader for our customer base, many of whom are embracing rapid digitisation and overseeing an evolution in the workplace.”  
King added: “This is a critical moment for many businesses as they implement new strategies for how their workplaces and IT will function. 

"Never before has the IT ecosystem played such an important role and I have a diverse opportunity to work closely with our customers to help them navigate a successful path that’s part of their broader digital transformation initiatives.”

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