Stranded Moyse Boxxes clever in South Africa

Boxx Communications’ Service Delivery Manager Emma Moyse has shown the power of the channel’s tech by leading her team whilst stuck in South Africa, boosting Boxx’s plans for a remote-first future.
Whilst caught on an extended Christmas visit Moyse has been able to use tools like Horizon Collaborate and Microsoft Teams to stay online for six weeks despite the distance and time difference.
Co-Owner Dean Burgin said: “As we rolled out an update to the Horizon iOS App, I had a little pang of pride from seeing Emma's location pulling through to her status, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
“Emma has been able to work while having an extended Christmas at her mum's place and hasn't missed a beat.”

Boxx was already transitioning to a remote working model with plans for a fully distributed workforce by 2023. 

Covid-19 catalysed this strategy and a move to new offices last year - which functioin as a central hub - enables the team to work flexibility from wherever they choose. 

Head of Marketing Kelly Green said: “Our accelerated move to a more distributed workforce has broken down the walls between us, our customers and our partners.
“Other businesses are operating from Spaces, and we've already found that we've been able to help them, and they have been able to help us. The move has thus expanded the pool of local talent on which we can draw.”

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