Personalisation key to individual performance

VanillaIP Sales & Marketing Director Iain Sinnott has urged ICT resellers to prioritise the concept of ‘personalisation’ as being key to the success of cloud strategies and adoption. 

Assessing the particular requirements of individuals and placing their needs front and centre will, he says, ultimately maximise the performance of people within the workplace.
“Businesses deploy technology in a general way but we need to identify tech’ that will ‘optimise me’,” he explained. 

“We need to conduct a personal technology audit and deliver the exact toolkit to each individual human resource, by linking the product platform to personal productivity profiles.”

Sinnott called for solutions to be designed for use by all individuals, woven almost into the fabric of their being, so they can operate most effectively. 

“To make humans more effective we need to overlay personalised services via the cloud,” he added.  “The potential to win or lose is big, but you can differentiate through the productivity effect of personalisation and peak performance.”

Sinnott issued his rallying call at this year’s Margin in Voice & Data symposium (Forest of Arden, Coventry, July 4th). 

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