Urgent need for knowledge sharing in tighter-knit channel

Bridging the market knowledge gap between upstream suppliers and partners must be a top priority if the channel is to get anywhere close to realising its full growth potential, warned Giacom COO Nathan Marke.

Comms Dealer research and subsequent analysis of the data during Comms Vision 2023 (8th-10th November, Glen-eagles) underscored the criticality of knowledge sharing across the channel and why a more tightly interconnected partner ecosystem is vital to success across all markets.

“We need to do a lot more around taking information we are privileged to have because of our scale and package it up for the channel,” stated Marke (pictured). “Busy entrepreneurs don’t always have the space to spend time with analysts and understand technology trends.”

Marke reiterated that suppliers have a crucial and urgent role to fulfill in enabling partners. “We’ve got to find the growth now and chase it,” he said. “And make it as easy as possible for partners while giving them confidence. They have the best sales teams out there.”

More supportive partnerships are especially key because seizing market opportunities is a big challenge for many resource strapped channel firms.

“We know channel partners are being asked to go broader and deeper,” added Marke. “Yet most of these businesses are quite small, sub-£10 million, and can’t afford big contract teams. So the responsibility is on us if we are going to make this work.”

Full Comms Vision conference report in this month's Comms Dealer magazine

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