Giacom aids partners through NCE changes

Giacom sprang into action to support partners following Microsoft’s announcement that it was expanding its NCE platform to include Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365 and Power Platform.

Microsoft NCE changes the way licences within an existing subscription are managed, meaning customers are committed to a one-year subscription and cannot reduce licences during that period.

It also gives customers an option of a month-to-month commitment with certain licenses, but at a greater cost. All licences are also auto-renewed for a further 12 months at the end of the contract.

Giacom’s Cloud Market portal enabled businesses to understand the cost implications of moving to the NCE platform and move existing subscriptions to the new model.

Over 500,000 active Microsoft Office 365 licenses are currently managed through the platform which helps over 3,000 companies that resell Microsoft packages.

Giacom also created an NCE Customer Impact tool, which allows businesses to view their subscription dates and estimate price impacts from the transition. It also offers a free migration tool.

Chris Bell, Head of Marketing at Giacom, said: “For businesses busy dealing with their essential, day-to-day tasks, transitioning to a new Microsoft contract and payment method is a significant and complex challenge

“At Giacom, we’re positioned to take the hassle out of the situation and make the transition quick and easy.”

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