Exertis marks International Women’s Day

Exertis has big plans to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8th March, with a number of events including networking sessions and panel discussions on the topic of diversity and inclusion.
“While today we’re shining a light on some of our female colleagues, we know it’s diversity in its broadest sense that we’re striving for," said Nick Foster, Exertis, HR Director. 

"Not only because of the business benefits that it brings, but fundamentally because we believe everyone deserves to feel valued, included and celebrated."

“Exertis has organised a number of events across its sites to encourage conversations about the benefits of celebrating inclusion, talent and diversity while recognising some of the achievements from females in the company who help to make the extraordinary happen for our customers. 

"These events are part of a wider series of awareness days that we are planning to run in 2020 and beyond.”
There were 180,000 women in tech (IT professional) jobs in 2019, representing 16.4 per cent of the workforce, whereas there were 181,500 in 2018 – so there has been a slight decrease following several years of sustained growth according to WISE₁.
Liz Greenwood, Exertis UK, IT Director, said: “Technology is a profession where you will never get bored and you can see how it can reshape business and society. 

"It is fascinating. More senior executives need to actively sponsor programmes in schools with teachers and pupils. Maths and Science are not the only paths to IT – Business Analysis, Service Desk Management and other disciplines require different skills.”
Overall Exertis UK has 40% of women in its workforce and almost 33% employed in its logistic centres.
Exertis will be running a networking and panel discussion on IWD to create awareness of how inclusion, talent and diversity can bring both personal and organisational success.

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