Technology key if UK to hit carbon targets

Where businesses have made the greatest strides towards Net Zero targets, organisations are investing in the greenest solutions. Examples include business productivity technologies (investment by 89% of firms), collaboration technologies (70%), cloud technologies (69%) and carbon emissions measurement technologies (33%).  

These were the findings of Dr Chris Brauer, Goldsmiths, University of London in partnership with Microsoft. The joint study found that 59% of UK firms will miss the Government’s 2050 net zero target without urgent action with getting the most out of technology being a top challenge for business leaders (33%).

The study highlighted that net zero ‘leaders’ are actively exploring how technology can be used to amplify and accelerate their strategies. Three quarters of this group are investing in research and development for new technologies (76%), including tech to measure carbon emissions (76%), and many are also building the in-house skills needed make the most of these technologies. 

Clare Barclay, CEO of Microsoft UK, said: “Technology will play a key role in addressing these challenges and it’s clear from our research that those organisations that have embedded technology in the heart of their strategies are the ones that have made the most significant progress against their sustainability goals.”

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