Job prospects brighten in telecoms sector

With unemployment at its lowest level for 40 years and wages rising, employment prospects for skilled job seekers are bright. The big issue now is the quantity of active jobseekers, or rather the lack of them, writes Clive Jefferys of recruiter JMA Network.

Generally speaking, the staff supply implications of Brexit will pass the telecoms industry by. Ours is not an industry that particularly needs to employ foreign workers so the fracas about freedom of travel is largely immaterial. Instead, the emphasis is specifically focused on people with experience of UK systems for sales, support and billing. It's very much a home-grown industry.

People have become conservative about their career intentions. Typically, they are staying put in their jobs because it's better with 'the devil you know', and doubt whether the 'grass is greener' elsewhere.

Meanwhile, employers are desperate to recruit more staff across all job types to bring the business in and then service it once it's arrived.

We've seen a dramatic change in the nature of our work over the last year. Instead of companies giving us specific vacancies they are asking us to send whoever we have available. Never has our private network of contacts been more crucial to the growth of their businesses.

This is not to say our job has become easier. Far from it. But we are generating success with the companies that understand how recruitment works today.

These employers are glad of our help and ask us how they can assist the process to get what they need.

Our job offers are generating an average 10% uplift on current salaries, in return for bigger roles with more responsibility.

So, if you are wishing you had a better job or need to expand your business, now is the time to act.

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