Generous employment creates generous profits

Of various client and prospect meetings over the last few weeks two have stood out in my mind. You might well call it a Tale of Two Employers. Why? When it comes to employing staff today - it seems that this is the best of times and the worst times, writes Clive Jefferys of Telecoms recruitment agency JMA Network.

Both companies called us in to advise on recruiting for key positions. One needed to replace lost staff, the other wanted people for expansion. Both organisations are outwardly successful and profitable, but two very different mentalities rule within.

On one hand, the conversation was dominated by why people resign from their job. The other was all about how to attract them. One laboured on about recrimination, the other spoke of desire and ambition for the company and the people that make it. It's hard to confront issues sometimes and I don't sit in judgement - but above all else, one company simply refused to accept that this is a candidate-led market. The other embraced this fact wholeheartedly.

Its leaders enthuse about offering more holidays, shorter working hours, flexi-time, home working, better pay, employment incentives. Yes, you've heard it all before from the HR handbook. But you cannot deny that happier employees make for more productive and creative ones too.

So, when it comes to recruitment, in-house or using agencies, it's so much easier if you have a market-leading employment package on offer. It's not rocket science, it may feel costly on day one, but the long-term rewards for your business and its bottom line are much greater.

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