brings in new global mobile options

Globe trotting business people who are reliant on their mobile communications will be better served by a proposition revamp undertaken by, according to National Sales Manager Graham Donald (pictured).

He said the changes introduce more flexible data packages and tariff add-ons including new roaming alternatives, as well as an improved commission model and an increase in selling choices for partners.

Donald claims that the upshot of these changes is a 'suite of real solutions for modern business' which are based on feedback from partners who, for instance, require a 100GB business tariff and UAE roaming option.
“This level of flexibility is great for businesses whose data consumption is affected by a whole range of factors, and need to stay connected, informed and in control of their costs,” he said.

"We’ve met a growing demand for more data both at home and abroad and for businesses whose data requirements vary from month to month."

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