Mobile tech for hard of hearing launched

A mobile phone that improves the clarity of calls for the hard of hearing has been introduced by Manx Telecom in the Isle of Man. 

A UK launch is planned for next year in partnership with BT once the technology is embedded in its EE network. 

Called MT clearSound, and developed by Vannin Ventures, Manx Telecom’s business incubator, with technology innovated by Goshawk Communications, the product is now a registered medical device and 90% of its trialists experienced clearer speech and greater call quality.

Manx Telecom is offering the product to PayMonthly customers on its network at no cost.

"The technology behind the MT clearSound registered medical device is located within the network and requires no purchase or installation of specialist equipment by the user," stated Manx Telecom CEO Gary Lamb (pictured).

"A user completes a short online registration and a hearing assessment using any mobile phone on the Manx network, enabling MT clearSound to create a tailored individual hearing profile. This fine tunes all incoming and outgoing telephone calls to meet the user’s personal hearing needs."

At four years old Goshawk founder Matthew Turner suffered hearing loss. Spurred by his deafness he was determined to create a solution that ultimately led to MT clearSound, which is based on the algorithms of Professor Brian Moore of the University of Cambridge, who is known as one of the world’s leading authorities on auditory perception. 

Turner stated: “I created a ‘hearing aid in the sky’ because of my frustration with telecoms companies that did not understand people with hearing loss." 

A number of medical and audiology professionals have backed the product including Doctor Charles Stone, Senior Research Fellow in Audiology and Hearing Sciences at the University of Manchester, who worked closely with Goshawk and Manx Telecom on the technology.

Lamb added: “MT clearSound will empower people suffering from a moderate to severe hearing loss, indeed every mobile user seeking greater call clarity. 

"The launch of MT clearSound in the UK next year has the potential to change the lives of millions of people.”

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