Layer 2 4G back-up product launched

A layer 2 4G back-up product (and solution for remote endpoints on SDWAN and MPLS networks) designed for ISPs has been launched by Jola, which the firm claims is a step up from device-based layer 3 or VPN products.

"Every ISP with L2TP infrastructure for fixed line broadband and Ethernet should be able to consume Jola’s L2TP mobile service, with no modification to their edge network," stated Adrian Sunderland, Jola’s CTO .

"Mobile L2TP gives the ISP full control over routing and IP addressing, facilitating the creation of fixed-line failover, pre-ethernet and stand-alone Internet access services." 

ISPs can interconnect at layer 2 directly into the Jola eSIM MVNO platform in London (or any other AWS connected location in the world) - with the option of failover to a secondary location for the delivery of resilient services.

"With un-steered multi-network eSIMs, ISPs are not tied to any particular network and no longer need to do a site survey to determine the best signal – globally," added Sunderland.

Mobile L2TP gives ISPs access to all four UK mobile networks and 450 networks globally.

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