Jola unwraps Fixed IP eSIM solution

Jola has rolled out its wholesale Fixed IP eSIM solution which offers multi-network connectivity across the four UK networks and 450 networks worldwide. 

"They are un-steered, network agnostic and negate the need for static private IP or NAT," said Lee Broxson, Jola’s Sales Director. 

"Fixed IP eSIMs are a cheaper alternative to most single network static IP SIMs and provide an insurance policy against switching-cost lock-in.

“Demand for mobile data is very high at the moment for applications like CCTV and 4G back-up, especially with so many premises vacant. Single network fixed IP SIMs are expensive and often require an engineer survey, which is expensive and impractical.

"We believe every one of our partners has opportunities for Fixed IP eSIM in their customer base and our mission is to help them find them and win them.”

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