Candio launches Website Optimiser package

The launch of Candio’s new Website Optimiser solution responds to reseller demands for additional forms of recurring revenue, according to MD Will Morey. 

Candio is offering resellers a package combining several digital marketing solutions that will provide faster loading times and improved search engine results alongside what the company says is a more accurate, efficient and secure web presence. 

Morey said: “It caters to the strong reseller demand for adding additional forms of recurring revenue into their businesses while providing an opportunity for end users to optimise their web presence and win in a digital-first world.”

BDR Group SMB Sales Director, Paul McCafferty, added: “Website Optimiser has arrived at the right time for our customers.

“It provides the opportunity for our customers to optimise their web presence for a small monthly fee. In return it helps us increase the recurring revenue within our business.”

Candio was launched by Pragma in October 2020 as a single resource for digital services and capabilities.

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