Pangea-Buddy create smarter spaces

IoT and connectivity firm Pangea has joined forces with Buddy Platform, the provider of IoT and cloud-based solutions for making spaces smarter, to better manage the way energy is used in buildings.
According to figures cited by Pangea 30% of energy used in UK commercial buildings is wasted, 53% of small businesses don’t plan for energy usage, and 20% of companies spend over £250k a year on energy.
"It’s hard enough for businesses to manage occupant behaviour and deal with rising operational costs, all while trying to meet complex government policies like ESOS," stated Pangea MD Dan Cunliffe.

"That’s where a ‘Fitbit for Buildings’ comes in. Through a combination of IoT sensors and SIM-enabled IoT connectivity, the device tracks a multitude of energy stats, all on a per building, floor, desk or device basis. 

"Whether it’s electricity and water consumption or temperature and humidity across a single or multiple buildings, operators will have their building’s vitals placed at their fingertips over a real-time dashboard with a sleek interface and impactful visuals."
The device clips to a surface in a building and communicates with the Buddy solution via Pangea cellular IoT connectivity. 

"Businesses can start monitoring energy usage for patterns, stay aware of anomalies, and solve problems before they crop up," added Cunliffe. "They can set efficiency targets, meet Government green standards, and stop worrying about being caught out by ridiculous energy bills.
"It’s more than just a tracker. The data collected helps a building tell a story of where and how energy is being used, and puts businesses back in control."
Buddy Platform MD for Europe Martin Carroll added: "Since launching our solutions to make spaces smarter in Europe we’ve been encouraged by the uptake of our Buddy Ohm solution across the UK, Ireland, Spain and Italy. 

"In particular our relationship with channel partners like Pangea IoT in the UK enables the rapid distribution of our solutions across all commercial and industrial sectors."

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