Hybrid working still causing teething issues, finds Zen

Three quarters (74%) of employers have or will implement remote monitoring software as trust erodes with homeworkers.

Over two fifths (45%) of workers believe their employer trusts them the most when they’re in the office and a fifth (20%) admit they are unhappy with their company culture. 

Zen attributes this to a lack of investment in the right technologies as only a fifth (21%) of workers think their company has implemented the right tech to help them do their jobs.

Over a sixth (16%) of workers want better technology and processes implemented to improve their company culture.

A quarter (24%) of employers admit its workers are frequently struggling with bad internet connectivity when working remotely, leading nearly half (46%) to consider paying for better home connectivity.

Martin O’Donnell, MD at Zen Business, says: “Businesses should look to deploy a cloud solution that puts homeworkers as the end points of the network. Matched with sufficient connectivity and bandwidth, this will help mirror the productivity and communication present in the office.”

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