Entanet launches Ethernet Flex 1Gbps

CityFibre company Entanet has launched Ethernet Flex 1Gbps across the UK on its CityFibre full fibre infrastructure. 

The service offers a guaranteed rate of 200Mbps with a capability to burst up to 1Gbps enabling users to complete bandwidth intensive tasks without incurring additional charges.

Paul North, Entanet’s Head of Sales, stated: “For some time we’ve heard about software defined networks which allow businesses to adjust their bandwidth up and down and pay for what they use. 

"With this service, we’re removing the need for them to even think about requesting bandwidth changes through a portal or incurring additional charges. 

"Our partners can give users a dedicated 1Gbps bearer at a low fixed price no matter how much they use it.” 

Entanet’s new service is aligned with the national Gigabit Voucher Scheme, which offers savings of up to £2,500 off the total cost of ownership of new gigabit-capable connections for SMEs.

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