Gender inclusive ads prove just the job

At least 20% of new roles at Openreach this year will be filled by female candidates as the company seeks to address a gender imbalance based on a revised approach to recruitment.

The move follows research that found the wording of job adverts could deter women from applying for positions.

The study also concluded that job adverts without gender bias increased womens' interest in engineering roles by more than 200%.

Gendered phraseology, active versus passive construction and skill set descriptors were highlighted as pivotal in how adverts are perceived by women.

“Gender inclusive ads could be vital to bringing more women into a range of sectors," stated Dr Chris Begeny, Research Fellow in Gender and Organisational Psychology at the University of Exeter.

“All too often the rhetoric around issues of under representation and improving women’s experiences in male dominated sectors emphasises the idea that women need to lean in and overcome their own ‘internal barriers’.”

Openreach HR Director Kevin Brady added: “This research is important in helping us to develop ways to redress the balance.”

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