Welcome to the room, all armchair futurists: By Comms Dealer Editor Stuart Gilroy

The future of the comms industry was perhaps at its most unpredictable pre-Covid-19, yet the pandemic has spawned a big population of armchair futurists with a lot of solid information on which to base their forecasts. The lockdown has actually given us a handle on what tomorrow’s working world will look like and the technology that will enable that shift to a more dispersed organisational structure.

The lockdown has also given us insights into the pivoted nature of channel partnerships and the emergence of a far more close-knit ecosystem founded on flexibility and collaboration. It’s as if we have accelerated down a time tunnel.

But having a pretty good idea of where your finger should press to feel the pulse of the market does not guarantee long-term sustainability. A detailed assessment of the full impact of 5G and universal FTTP will not be available until after the event, but nevertheless there are telltale signs of what is to come, with 5G use cases already in flow and the potential applications of next generation mobile technology near limitless to the imagination.

What do these big determining factors mean? It is a time for empirical analysis and creative thinking to go hand in hand, and those that find the right balance will surely succeed. Finding your creative flair starts now as we seek to build more creative and collaborative ways of working with channel partners and customers.

The unleashing of creative minds will drive innovation and light a fire under the entrepreneurial spirit – all spurred by the Covid-19 lockdown which has caused many to reflect, hone processes, come up with new ideas, think beyond the horizon and get on with things without distraction.


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