Digital key to post-Covid-19 customer service 

Customer service teams that have been dispersed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and that lack the digital capabilities to deliver an optimised customer experience remotely, are causing over 61% of callers to cite waiting on hold for too long as the greatest customer engagement bugbear.

According to research by Maintel into the experiences of 2,000 UK individuals during their interactions with customer service teams and contact centres, over a third are dissatisfied, not just with waiting on hold, but also due to having to repeat information, being passed between agents and ultimately not having their issue resolved. 

Maintel's Chief Sales Officer Rufus Grig stated: “Covid-19 has put extra strain on the customer services function, but the pandemic has also revealed how valuable a great customer service team can be. 

"Customers need the digital tools to assist with their queries, whether that be FAQs, live chat or chatbots, and businesses must ensure that when customers call on the phone or interact via alternative channels, the time they have to wait on hold is kept to a minimum. 

"Staff must also be provided with all the information they need to deal with queries quickly and efficiently. 

“Getting the customer service right results in improved customer loyalty and profitability, so it’s well worth the investment.” 

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