Customer engagement set to get smarter 

CX solutions specialist Sabio is gearing up for a greater emphasis on smart tech next year as AI, Augmented Human Interactions and Voice of the Customer come sharply into focus.

“Whether it’s the rise of the ethical consumer, an increased focus on trust or a desire for organisations to be more responsive, it’s clear that today’s consumers have more power and influence than ever before,” said Sabio’s Chief Innovation Officer, Stuart Dorman. 

“That’s why at Sabio we believe that 2019 will see an increased focus on smart technologies such as AI, augmented interactions and Voice of the Customer insights as CX teams work harder to deliver best-in-class customer experiences.

“We’re also expecting 2019 to see a further merger between digital and customer service teams, particularly as organisations acknowledge that truly joined-up customer journeys now demand seamless and personalised support across all key customer touch points, whether that’s digital, contact centre or in physical locations.”

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