Comms Vision 2022: All-IP era dawns: Why it’s time to take control of your digital destiny

Channel partners should be ready to transform in the face of the UK’s digital destiny, and position digital enablement at the heart of their strategy, says BT Wholesale’s (Platinum sponsor) Head of Channel Gavin Jones. Why? Because the all-IP era will soon be here to stay and the train is leaving the station.

This year’s Comms Vision will focus on opportunities in the Golden Triennium, the three year period between now and the PSTN switch-off in December 2025. The countdown is underway to what will be the UK’s biggest digital infrastructure shift in a generation. While 2025 seems like a long time away partners have a lot less time than they think. The transition to all-IP is already underway by communications providers, and Openreach has announced that the nationwide stop sell of PSTN products will be in place by September 2023.

It is happening and there’s no shying away from it. Now is the time for partners to dictate their own all-IP journey. Those yet to move simply have to start, or risk being left behind. We are all facing into a future of services, applications and opportunity. But if you want to go where innovation and technology is going then don’t anchor yourself in the past.

If we look at the big technology trends of the past few decades – the Internet, the boom in smartphone usage or the shift from office-based to remote and hybrid working – the one constant is a thriving channel community, with vendors and partners collaborating to bring best-in-class technology to UK plc. The transition to all-IP requires the same ingredients.

The shift to all-IP is an opportunity for partners to bring innovative supercharged solutions to customers

The shift to all-IP is an opportunity for partners to bring innovative, supercharged solutions to customers, but everyone is at different stages of their digital transformation journeys. That’s why we’re consistently adding new products and services to make it easier for partners to accelerate their own businesses, as well as educate customers to do the same.

The economy and the very nature of the industry means there’s always change, so there has to remain a constant presence, something to keep pushing partners forward. The channel requires trusted vendors that are always there, no matter what, for the long-term. That is our role: Driving partner growth has always been a priority and, combined with the progress we’ve made in making ourselves easier to do business with, we’ll show how the channel can drive the most value from the Golden Triennium. We’ve always been there through the big technological shifts and it’s no different now.

Evolving process
The journey to all-IP can take many forms: There isn’t a one-size-fits-all and it’s not a one-and-done exercise. It’s a sustained process that continues to evolve as businesses grow and their requirements change. So partners need support at every stage, in areas such as complete connectivity, complete convergence, a complete portfolio and complete support.

We are all facing into a future of services, applications and opportunity. But if you want to go where innovation and technology is going then don’t anchor yourself in the past

Our Complete portfolio brings together connectivity, convergence and support. Complete Connectivity relates to a wide portfolio of access technologies. Whether it’s SoGEA, FTTP, Ethernet or DIA, these future-proof solutions enable partners to seamlessly order and sell on to their customers. Complete Convergence is about making it easier for partners to drive the most value from all-IP in new ways – and we’re introducing Complete Switch, a single order journey for broadband and voice solutions including porting and end-to-end support from a high touch team. Finally, Complete Support provides the tools to support partners and customers. As part of this, we’ll introduce the Hub, our new digital platform, and support through our partner programme, Partner Plus.

Maximising awareness
It is key to simplify the journey to all-IP while giving partners the tools to grow revenues. In fact, recent Partner Plus research identified that 89 per cent of brands within the channel agree it’s a challenge to maximise awareness. We reacted to that research immediately, adding new features like the Marketing Toolkit which provides an all-in-one, off-the-shelf resource bank to partners. Member partners also get learning resources across the entire portfolio, sales and management tools, and early access to new product and service launches. In the move to all-IP it’s key for vendor partners to be in the channel’s corner, helping partners gain a competitive advantage in what is already a noisy industry.

It takes Vision to be a leader
Comms Vision is the leading annual leadership forum for CEO, MD and CTO delegates making up the major league of the UK reseller community. Places are limited and by invitation: If you would like to join us this year, please register your interest to attend at

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